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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision – to be deemed as a prominent, trustworthy world-class power utility group
1. Leading our staff in the development of a prominent and sustainable enterprise is our goal. We will endeavor to strengthen our management and improve our operation performance through ever-lasting reviews compared with those leading companies in the same sector. Keeping pace with the growth of our customers and the development of our society, as a result, we aim to rank among the world-class electricity sectors.
2. Reaching the company’s utmost objective, we have to secure the recommendations honored by society and thus obtain the trust from our customers with a view to gaining the respect and recognition. We bear good core values transferred from the past like sophistication, sincerity, diligence and responsibility to dedicate ourselves to progress and provide stable power all year round. We will reinforce the corporate management with the attitude toward open-mind, diversity, eco-friendliness and cultivated taste. We prefer to be a reliable and responsible partner for customers in daily life, to develop a relation of mutual trust and common interest with all the stakeholders under the belief of Integrity, Caring, Service, and Growth.
3. Being a state-owned enterprise, we still have to focus on how to operate efficiently to increase the competitiveness in business management and corporation. In addition, we have to seize every opportunity to extend our superiority in the booming and popular realms of energy-saving techniques and green energy so as to cooperate with our business partners to exploit overseas markets for an upward growth.

Our Mission –To supply stable power for the need of social diverse developments with an eco-friendly approach at a reasonable cost
1. Power utility is deemed as the infrastructure both for residents’ living and business development; therefore, supplying stable power is always our core mission. To this extent, we remain alert and aware of any social and technical developments and accordingly update our skills. As the only power company in Taiwan, we are obliged to make more efforts in protecting the earth, while simultaneously supplying stable power for the need of diverse social developments with an eco-friendly approach at a reasonable cost.
2. Our planet Earth sustains us with her abundant resources, hence it is our mission to protect our Earth by adhering to strict environmental protection protocols, developing renewable energy and introducing low carbon, low polluting energy. To become a green enterprise, we will perform our duty to embed the green concept in the daily life of our employees, to facilitate green supply chains with our cooperative partners, and then to enlarge the influences to the whole society through daily practice.
3. Living standards have improved leading residents to demand more in electricity quality and service. We will enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to carry out a convenient electrical living through cutting-edge technology and diversified customization.
4. Energy resources in recent years have multiplied so much that increasingly more independent power generating companies, IPPs and renewable energy providers have commenced investing in the electricity-related field. We will forge an open channel to communicate with all the business partners and stakeholders upon the view of working out a sustainable and stable power supply for a fair, reasonable, and competitive price.
5. Overcoming the challenges in the electricity market, we will transform from a state-owned enterprise to a profit-centered company so that we not only can build up a cost-effective concept but can also increase the add-on values to TPC. Eventually, we can lift management efficiency and pursue a sustainable development.

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